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Monthly Archive: April 2019

What Is EAP And How It Is Important

The full form of EAP is English for academic purposes. There are numerous reasons why one should get EAP lessons. Basically, the main reason of EAP is to polish the student’s skills for their betterment and for success. Most of the students who don’t know the English this course are for them so that they pursue their career further. The global language is the English language no matter where you go in the world if you know English you can easily survive there.

Purpose of the EAP:

The basic purpose of the EAP is to provide a better understanding of the trusted English language school and help in higher studies. Especially for the students who want to go abroad for higher education, the standard of higher education is almost the same around the world. Usually the English we learn and study in our schools, the level of that language is lesser than the higher education the vocabulary and the understanding of vocabulary is different. Through EAP one only not get command on vocabulary even it polish overall skills which include academic writing and reading.
Impact on group discussion and individual presentation:

EAP is training which polishes all the skills which are related to academic language. It increase the confidence of every individual because through language they get better understanding of the subject and when they have better understanding they are able to explain it well through their presentation and present it confidently and they can take part in group discussion because of the clarity of the subject where they share ideas and explore the ideas. Group discussion is important everyone shares their information and their perspective about the subject.

Entrance test:

Clearing the entrance test is one of the biggest achievement and the first step towards the goal. But for that achievement one should study hard and do some courses which include EAP preperation Melbourne as well because the test is based on the English language in a scientific way because the test will be according to world standard one should have proper training and command on the English language so that they are able to write in English with good vocabulary. After all, to clear the admission test is the first achievement towards your future.


EAP preparation is important for every student who wishes to study in reputable institutes and universities around the world because without knowing proper English they are not able to achieve their goals. Milestones English academy knows how EAP lessons are important for the students. They provide the best classes in their academy with the best teachers. Milestones are one the best reputable institute of Melbourne.